1. How do I attend GN test?
By visiting our website GNDiploma.com and click start button.
2. Is this test held free?
Yes,Test is free but if you want to get harcopy of certificate then you have to pay Rs.1000/-.
3. What kind of questions you asked?
All kind of questions from different subjects.
4. What is GN Test?
GN Test is general knowledge test based on IQ questions to check you IQ level.
6. How much day consuming test?
Total two days procedure for GN test
5. How many steps in it?
It consists of 4steps in total.
6. How much questions in all steps?
In 1st step 10questions
In 2nd step 25questions
In 3rd step 50question
In 4th step 100question
7. How much time for each question to answer?
In all four steps each question must be answered in 30seconds.
8. What is passing criteria for your GN test?
You must score 60% marks in each step
9. How did I qualify for 4th step and how long should I wait?
After passing 3rd step you are qualified for 4th step, you have to wait for 20hours minimum.
10. This test also for students out of Pakistan?
Yes, if you are abroad just visit our website and easily avail our GN Test facility.