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Spouse Visa

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Requirements to get Spouse visa from Pakistan to a country Abroad.

Some of us have been there where your partner lives all the way in a country at the other side of the world. And have tried to be there living with your partner. This just doesn’t happen very easy. It is possible but you must know some really important factors to get to live with your legal partner.
For this purpose, on applies for a spouse visa. The requirements and eligibility criteria am going to share with you people is pretty same for the countries like UK, Canada, Australia, USA and Europe.
Before apply for spouse visa you must keep some factors while applying for it. Some of us doesn’t even know the procedure so this article is for you.
Requirements for spouse visa for UK, Canada, Australia, USA and Europe from Pakistan:
When you are trying to apply from Pakistan and your sponsor is a permanent Resident at the above mentioned countries then there are some major requirements you have to look upon and fill them.
Eligibility Criteria.
The Immigration Rules expresses that:
you both should be beyond 18 years old;
you probably met each other face to face and be lawfully coupled (except if you are applying as an unmarried accomplice);
you both should expect to live respectively forever;
you should have sufficient cash to help yourselves and any dependents without guaranteeing public assets;
the support should meet the monetary necessities, pay and investment funds to help yourselves.
you should have appropriate convenience for you, your accomplice and any needy youngsters;
furthermore, the supported party should fulfill the English language necessities and have clinical declaration for TB (where required).
Status of the spouse in homeland:
You must mention the status of your spouse if he/she is
Unemployed student self-employed or just employed
Bank statement of the spouse:
Souse’s bank statement should state a closing balance minimum of 5 lacs.
Closing balance of the sponsor.
The sponsor’s closing balance must be equivalent to $2100 USD
Documents Required for Spouse visa
Spouse visa applicants need to provide following documents:
Spouse visa candidates need to give following archives:
Appropriately filled and marked Visa Application Form
Unique identification substantial for at any rate a half year alongside its copy
Two ongoing visa size photos with white base
A valid home visa (of one of the above mentioned countries) with its duplicate (if relevant)
verification of address of where the sponsor lives with its copy
Marriage Certificate alongside its duplicate
Reference letter from UK business. Those who are not in business will give duplicate advantage letter, Job Center letter or Pension letter
Mate's Pakistani Passport and NICOP/CNIC card alongside duplicate
Preparing Time
Companion visa is typically prepared in seven (7) to ten (10) working days.
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